Tutorial or Examples for Go management API


Hi team,

I have been trying to figure out how to use the Go management API to talk to the server and then integrate that management API with my application. I had a few questions, answer to any of them will be really helpful: -

1)Are there any basic examples I can run or a guide where I can find how to use the management API to talk to the server? 
2) For now I have a simple server (with daos_server_local.yml ) configuration running in a container on a Azure VM. What else do I need to have to demo the basic functionality of management API? My server has no NVMe or SCM. I am using this setup for developing an initial version of an application that works on a server that is emulating SCM on DRAM.
I know there is a way to install the client with $ yum install daos client. but that is only for RPM installs. which is not working for me. 
3) I know there are different modules for client and server. The docker installation documentation just tells us to set up a basic server. How do I build and set up a client? The Sconsrtipt file in the client folder is called from the root folder only while I build the Sconstruct. How do I install a client or agent? My understanding is I need the client to use the Go management API. 
4) Can i achieve what I am trying to using my everyday laptop and a VM machine with DRAM and SSD interacting over http or do i need a specific hardware setup? 




I have tried running daos/src/control/cmd/drpc_test/main.go in order to run the hello. I thought that will be a simple test example to demo the control api. But it gives me an error -lgurt not found. I have built the CART git as well in my home directory. I also have built the entire DAOS source tree by running Sconstruct. I admit i am extremely new to the technology and Go language as well. I am trying to figure out things here as I work at a startup that plans to use DAOS as its major storage solution on SCMs