New DAOS Setup



I was trying to set up a simple single DAOS server. I built a docker image using the following commands: - 

- $ git clone
- $ cd daos
- $ sudo docker build -f utils/docker/Dockerfile.centos.7
- $ docker run -it -d --privileged --cap-add=ALL --name server -v /dev:/dev 76379d4a8832

This gets a container running. 
After this, I believe I am supposed to run the server with $ sudo docker exec server daos_server start -o /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml 
I get an error No such file or directory /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml

So I copied the cloned DAOS source tree into the running container (this feels like a hack, was not mentioned in the documentation) with: $ Sudo docker cp ./daos server:/home/daos
After this when I run : 
- $ sudo docker exec server daos_server start -o /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml 

I get the following error log: - 

$ sudo docker exec server daos_server start \

>         -o /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml

DAOS Server config loaded from /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml

daos_server logging to file /tmp/daos_control.log

ERROR: server: code = 647 description = "requested 4096 hugepages; got 0"


ERROR: server: code = 647 resolution = "reboot the system or manually clear /dev/hugepages as appropriate"

Can anyone help me with what is it I am doing wrong, or what could be the reason for this? I am unable to find a similar error anywhere. Maybe I am doing something basic wrong or it's just that my config or hardware doesn't support this.
I am running all of this on a CentOS Virtual machine with 16GiB memory on Azure cloud. 

Any help will be deeply appreciated.




If you are just using the daos_server_local.yml config file and do not need an NVMe, just change the nr_hugepages: 0. This takes care of the error and starts the server.