failed to create daos cont #chat


Hi guys

Hi I am using the daos system with mellanox card, tyring to test roce

my system is centos and daos 2.1.100, libdaos 1.6.0

cause many failures, i let the server and client in one server, created pool succeed with command "dmg pool create -t 30 -z 1TB --label tank"

but filed when create cont "daos cont create tank --path /tmp/mycontainer --type=POSIX --oclass=SX"

shows in angent side:
"ERROR: failed to fetch fabric interface of type ETHER: no suitable fabric interface found of type "ETHER"
ERROR: HandleCall for Management:Management:206 failed: no suitable fabric interface found of type "ETHER" "

I already changed the daos_agent.yml, is there something I missed?


solved at 23 Dec

at the agent.yml, edited the interface numa from "1" to "0", though there is no port under numa 0, but it works at last.