daos_server CLI updates

Macdonald, Mjmac

Hi all.


First of all, apologies for the after-the-fact email rather than a proactive notification. Yesterday a commit (51f2a40) landed which makes a number of changes to how daos_server handles command-line arguments. These changes were intended to improve code structure as well as improving the help messages emitted by daos_server.


The biggest change is the addition of a new “start” subcommand. If no subcommand is specified, then “start” is used as the default. For the most part, existing invocations should continue to work as before, but in some cases the parsing may not work properly. To resolve these issues it’s recommended that scripts should be updated to use the new start subcommand explicitly.


The other user-visible changes are:

·         removal of -c, --cores (was deprecated); use -t, --targets instead

·         --config_file has been changed to –config (-o still works as before)

·         --config, --debug, --json are global parameters and should come before the subcommand (start, storage, etc)



  Before: orterun -n 1 --report-uri /tmp/report daos_server -c 4 --config_path=$SL_PREFIX/etc/daos_server.yml --insecure -a /tmp

  After: orterun -n 1 --report-uri /tmp/report daos_server --config=$SL_PREFIX/etc/daos_server.yml start -t 4 --insecure -a /tmp


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if the change causes any issues. We’re still tweaking this stuff, please pardon our dust, etc. ;)


Mike MacDonald