DAOS Community Update / August'22

Lombardi, Johann

Hi there,

Please find below the DAOS community newsletter for August 2022. A copy of this newsletter is also available on the wiki.

Past Events

Upcoming Events

  • 6th annual DAOS User Group (Nov'22)


  • Current stable release is 2.0.3. See https://docs.daos.io/v2.0/ and https://packages.daos.io/v2.0/ for more information.
    2.0.3 includes several fixes for ARM64 support, erasure code and pool operations. Please see the release notes for more details.
  • Branches:
    • release/2.0 is the release branch for the stable 2.0 release. Latest bug fix release is 2.0.3 (v2.0.3 tag).
    • release/2.2 is the development branch for the future 2.2 release. Latest test build is 2.1.104 (v2.1.104-tb tag).
    • Master is the development branch for the future 2.4 release. Latest test build is 2.3.100 (v2.3.100-tb tag).
  • Major recent changes on release/2.0 (bugfix release) since v2.0.3:
    • Several coverty fixes
    • Several packaging changes to prevent 2.0 from picking up UCX packages and new SPDK version.
    • Several test fixes
    • Remove unused test code
  • Major recent changes on release/2.2 (future 2.2 release):
    • All patches listed in the 2.0 section above.
    • Remove check for dpdk/rte_eal.
    • Handle the rare case in the control plane where a node processing a SWIM dead event loses leadership before the membership can be updated
    • The hwloc library provides quite a bit of information about block devices; make this available through the control plane. Also adds support for non-PCI devices
    • Add backward compatibility code for the enable_vmd config parameter
    • Several dtx internal fixes.
    • Fix size compatibility issue with ds_cont_prop_cont_global_version in rdb
    • Refine code cleaning up huge pages left behind by previous instances
    • Update mercury to 2.2.0-rc6 to grab several fixes in ucx, tcp and cxi.
    • Improve QoS on request processing in the engine when running out of DMA buffers (FIFO order is now guaranteed to avoid starvation)
    • Improve support of compound RPCs with co-located shards
    • Update SPDK to v22.01.1
    • Add support for ucx/tcp transport to cart.
    • Fix assertion failure in pool_map_get_version()
    • Fix mtime accounting for user set mtime
    • Add VPIC and LAMMPS applications to soak testing framework
    • Report pool global version on dmg pool list/query
    • Reject pool connection from old clients after pool upgrade
  • Major recent changes on master (future 2.4 release):
    • All patches listed in the 2.2 section above.
    • Add code to report Jira status into GitHub 
    • Use shared event queue in pydaos
    • Fix an issue in the I/O scheduler related to I/O throttling
    • Add partial support for readdir caching to dfuse
    • Land checksum scrubbing feature
    • Remove openpa package dependency
    • Add support for streaming I/O functions to the interception library
    • Update vendor dependency in the control plane
    • Fix daos cont list-obj JSON output
    • Fix possible race condition in map_refresh
    • Fix a race in dc_tx_get_epoch
    • Add metrics to track EC full stripes vs partial updates
    • Fix name match in daos_oclass_name2id()
    • Add new STACK_MMAP build option to enable DAOS-managed ABT stacks in the engine
    • Fix OID leak in the OIT
    • Fix a bug in size query introduced by the EC shard rotation feature
    • Move fault injection testing from CentOS7 to Rocky Linux 8 to prepare for the CentOS7 removal for 2.4.
    • Add ARM64 self-hosted runners to GitHub Action.
  • What is coming:
    • 2.2.0 code freeze
    • 2.4.0 feature freeze


  • Major features under development:
    • VOS on SPDK blob
      • New umem backend and WAL to maintain an up-to-date of copy of a VOS (i.e. DAOS metadata) file on a SPDK blob (i.e. SSD).
      • Patch to use umem DAOS interface in BIO and VOS landed.
      • Branch: feature/vos-on-blob
      • Target release: TBD
    • Checksum scrubber
      • Feature landed to master for 2.4
      • Branch: feature/csum-scrubbing
      • Target release: 2.4
      • This entry will be removed from this report next time
    • Multi-user dfuse
    • More aggressive caching in dfuse for AI APPs
    • I/O steaming function interception
      • Add the ability to intercept fopen/fclose/fread/fwrite and other streaming functions in the interception library
      • Feature landed to master for 2.4
      • PR: https://github.com/daos-stack/daos/pull/6939
      • Target release: 2.4
      • This entry will be removed from this report next time
    • Catastrophic recovery
      • Aka distributed fsck or checker
      • Tests for ddb (low level debugger utility similar to debugfs for ext4) under review
      • Testing for the dmg checker under development
      • Improvements to the checker start/stop flow and dmg in progress
      • Pass 4 for container recovery is in progress
      • Branch: feature/cat_recovery
      • Target release: 2.6
    • Multi-homed network support
      • Aka multi-provider support
      • This feature aims at supporting multiple network provider in the engine
      • Branch is feature complete now and testing is underway
      • Branch: feature/multiprovider
      • Target release: 2.6
    • Client-side metrics
    • Performance domain
      • Extend placement algorithm to be aware of fabric topology
      • Fix to avoid putting shards on the same domain landed
      • Branch: feature/perf_dom
      • Target release: 2.8 
    • LDMS plugin to export DAOS metrics
  • Pathfinding:
    • DAOS Pipeline API for active storage
    • Leveraging the Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA) to accelerate DAOS
      • Prototype leveraging DSA for VOS aggregation delivered
      • Initial results shared at IXPUG conference.
    • OPX provider support in collaboration with Cornelis Networks
      • OPX provider merged upstream in libfabric
      • Provider supported in latest mercury version
      • Changes to DAOS to enable OPX as part of the build in progress
    • GPU data path optimizations
  • I/O Middleware / Framework Support:


  • Thanks a lot to Linaro and Croit for providing the DAOS community with access to ARM64 nodes with different configurations (#cores, OS, ...). Github actions is now enabled to build the DAOS master branch regularly on ARM64. Next step is to run unit tests.
  • A proposal for a DAOS community BoF at SC’22 has been submitted. We should know on Aug 12.
  • IO500 instructions on the wiki have been updated to use the new DAOS-aware pfind.


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