DAOS Community Update / Mar'22


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Please find below the DAOS community newsletter for March 2022.


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Upcoming Events



  • Current stable release is 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 is under development.
  • Master is the development branch for the future 2.2 release.
  • Major recent 2.0 changes to be available in 2.0.2:
    • Build go code shipped in RPM with go >= 1.17
    • Fix a bug with key enumeration and multiple shards
    • Many documentation fixes (e.g. fix broken links)
    • Use larger ABT stack for NVMe poll ULT
    • Reject integer keys that are smaller than 8 bytes
    • Update the C-based raft implementation to pick a membership fix
    • Disable dfuse-level readahead when FUSE is configured in writeback mode and already drive readahead from the kernel.
  • Major recent master changes:
    • Fix a problem between mercury and libfabric causing some bulk transfers to be stuck indefinitely
    • Reduce CPU load caused by the engine when DAOS system is idle
    • Add support for owner/group to libdfs
    • Automatically calculate the required number of huge pages
    • Several VMD and SSD hotplug fixes
    • Document the need to disable shared received context for Intel E810-C cards
    • Rewrite of the netdetect module
    • Add UCX support to the manual (non RPM) build infrastructure
  • What is coming:
    • 2.0.2 validation
    • 2.2.0 feature freeze



  • Major features under development:
  • Pathfinding:
    • MariaDB DAOS engine with predicate pushdown to the DAOS storage nodes
    • Leveraging the Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA) to accelerate DAOS
      • Prototype leveraging DSA for VOS aggregation delivered
    • S3 support via a DAOS backend to Rados Gateway (RGW)
    • GPU data path optimizations



See https://events.linuxfoundation.org/sodacode/ for more information.


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