DAOS Community Update / Oct'21

Lombardi, Johann

Hi there,


Please find below the DAOS community newsletter for October 2021.


Past Events (September)

  • 5th EAGE workshop on HPC for Upstream (September 6-8)
    Leveraging DAOS file system for seismic data storage.

Merna Moawad, Amr Nasr, Omar Marzouk, Mohamed AlHarouni (Brightskies)

Johann Lombardi, Mohamad Chaarawi, Philippe Thierry (Intel)

Upcoming Events



  • We continue to make good progress towards our 2.0 release and should tag a new test build (see v1.3.106-tb) soon.
  • Major recent changes:
    • Intercept __open_2 in libioil
    • Remove “highest aggregation epoch” field which was a leftover from old concurrency control model
    • Rework VOS epoch range discard
    • Make label for pools mandatory
    • Hyphens are now supported in both pool and container labels
    • Many more erasure code fixes
    • Quiet noisy SPDK/DPDK messages introduced with the upgrade to v21.07
    • Return most recent snapshot in container query
    • Integrate CART self-test with the DAOS agent (no need to dump attach info file any longer)
    • Fix a few memory leaks on error paths
    • Add “enable_hotplug” field to the yaml file to enable SSD hotplug support
    • Fix spurious pool handle eviction from the agent under memory pressure
    • Add several swim improvements to support “high-latency” network
    • Fix race with double RPC completions
    • Bump RDMA threshold for I/Os from 3.5KiB to 19KiB
    • Leverage helper xstreams (when available) for DTX batched commit
  • What is coming:
    • Fixes, fixes and more fixes.
    • Libfabric upgrade to grab some critical rxm/verbs fixes for DAOS.
    • Investigate an issue with NVMe unmap (aka trim) after repeated reformats.



  • Major features under development:
    • Checksum scrubbing
    • LDMS plugin to export DAOS metrics
    • API to collect libdaos metrics to be integrated with Darshan
    • Multi-user dfuse
    • More aggressive caching in dfuse for AI APPs
    • Design for catastrophic recovery / fsck
  • Pathfinding:
    • MariaDB DAOS engine with predicate pushdown to the DAOS storage nodes
    • Leveraging the Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA) to accelerate DAOS



  • New look for https://docs.daos.io (dark theme)
  • Staffing:
    • We welcome Michael Hennecke to the Intel DAOS team.


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Registered headquarters: "Les Montalets"- 2, rue de Paris,
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