DAOS Community Update / Sep'21

Lombardi, Johann

Hi there,


Please find below the DAOS community newsletter for September 2021.


Upcoming Events

  • 5th EAGE workshop on HPC for Upstream (September 6-8)

Leveraging DAOS file system for seismic data storage.

Merna Moawad, Amr Nasr, Omar Marzouk, Mohamed AlHarouni (Brightskies)

Johann Lombardi, Mohamad Chaarawi, Philippe Thierry (Intel)

  • 19th workshop on HPC in meteorology (September 20-24) with two DAOS presentations:
    • First Experiences with CDI-PIO on DAOS

Michael HENNECKEChristoph POSPIECH (Lenovo), Sigrun EGGERLING (Lenovo)
Thomas Mr JAHNS, Panagiotis ADAMIDIS (DKRZ)

    • Accelerating Storage with Optane & DAOS
      Johann Lombardi (Intel)

Nicolau Manubens (ECMWF)

  • LAD’21 (September 28-30)
    DAOS/Lustre Integration

Kevin Harms (ALCF)
Johann Lombardi, Bruno Faccini (Intel)

  • DAOS User Group (DUG’21) at SC'21 - details coming soon!



  • We continue to make good progress towards our 2.0 release with a new test build (see v1.3.105-tb) tagged last week.
  • Major recent changes:
    • dmg & daos utility uniformization along with many usability improvements
    • supports for pool and container labels (no need to use UUID any longer!)
    • the DAOS engine is now maintaining a list of a pre-registered buffers for RDMA to boost read/write performance.
    • dfuse now officially supports writeback caching.
    • Interception library now supports an environment variable to log interception activity.
    • Many erasure code fixes
    • Engine metrics can be exported via Prometheus.
    • SPDK upgrade to v21.07
    • Mercury upgrade to v2.0.1
  • What is coming:
    • Fixes, fixes and more fixes.



  • Major features under development:
    • Checksum scrubbing
    • LDMS plugin to export DAOS metrics
    • API to collect libdaos metrics to be integrated with Darshan
    • Multi-user dfuse
  • Pathfinding:
    • MariaDB DAOS engine with predicate pushdown to the DAOS storage nodes.
    • Leveraging the Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA) to accelerate DAOS



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