Build changes on master

Olivier, Jeffrey V

I’ve just landed a patch to DAOS master that affects developer builds of DAOS.   It is an effort to make things simpler in the long run


If you use RPMs this does not apply.  Also, it does not affect USE_INSTALLED option.  It only applies to manual builds with –build-deps=yes enabled.


Five major things to note

  1. You will need to install patchelf to do a full build with prerequisites
  2. _build.external has moved to build/external
  3. Prerequisites in a developer build are now installed in $PREFIX/prereq/$TARGET_TYPE/[component]
  4. The install is relocatable (with the exception of daos_admin which needs patching if you move daos)
  5. You will notice a change.  On your first build of daos, you will need to rebuild the prerequisites.


This is an extention of a recent change to build DAOS components in $BUILD_ROOT/$BUILD_TYPE/$COMPILER


This allows us to switch between build types and compiers without a full rebuild of all components.  This recent change extends this to the prerequisite builds.


With this change, the following options have been removed

TARGET_PREFIX (it’s default now)






Let me know if you run into any issues.