Announcement: DAOS 2.2 is generally available

Poddubnyy, Ivan

The DAOS team would like to announce the release of DAOS Version 2.2.


It is a major release containing the following new features and improvements:


  • Rocky Linux 8 and Alma Linux 8 support have been added
  • CentOS Linux 8 support is removed
  • Support for the libfabric/tcp provider is added. It replaces libfabric/sockets
  • UCX support has been added (Technology Preview)
  • Interoperability of DAOS 2.2 with DAOS 2.0
  • Intel VMD devices are now supported in the control plane
  • POSIX containers (DFS) now support file modification time (mtime)


The release also contains a number of the bugfixes and stability improvements.


With the release of DAOS 2.2, the previous version – DAOS 2.0.3 – is now declared End-Of-Life.


The complete list of changes can be found here:


There are several resources available for the release:


RPM Repositories:

Admin Guide:

User Guide:

Architecture Overview:

Source Code:


As always, feel free to use this mailing list for any issues you may find with the release or our JIRA bug tracking system, available at or on our Slack channel at



Thank you,


Ivan Poddubnyy

DAOS Customer Enablement and Support Manager

Super Compute Storage Architecture and Development Division