Announcement: DAOS 2.0.2 is generally available

Prantis, Kelsey



We are pleased to announce that DAOS 2.0.2 release is now generally available. Notable changes in this maintenance release includes following updates on top of DAOS 2.0.1:


  • mercury has been updated from 2.1.0~rc4-3 to 2.1.0~rc4-5. This fixes multiple issues with dmg pool destroy, including DAOS-9725 and DAOS-9006.
  • dfuse readahead caching has been disabled when write-through caching is enabled DAOS-9738.
  • An issue with EC aggregation has been fixed where it was running too frequently and consuming CPU cycles even when EC is not used DAOS-9926.
  • Go dependency has been updated to >= 1.17 DAOS-9908.
  • Hadoop dependency has been updated to 3.3.2 DAOS-10068.


There are a number of resources available for the release:

As always, feel free to use this mailing list for any issues you may find with the release, or our JIRA bug tracking system, available at, or on our Slack channel, available at




Kelsey Prantis

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Super Compute Storage Architecture and Development Division