Announcement: DAOS 1.0 is generally available!

Prantis, Kelsey

Hello All,


We are pleased to announce that DAOS 1.0 is now generally available! This release is targeted towards benchmarking, partner integration, evaluation, and brings support for the following features:


  • NVMe & DCPMM Support
  • Per-pool ACL
  • Unified Namespace via dfuse
  • MPI-IO ROMIO Driver
  • HDF5 Support
  • Basic POSIX I/O Support
  • Replication & Self-Healing (Preview)
  • Certificate Support

There are a number of resources available for the release:

We tagged 1.0.0 in the source code repository on GitHub this past Thursday. Watch for a further announcement on this list when pre-built RPMs will be available for download as well.


As always, feel free to use this mailing list for any issues you may find with the release, or our JIRA bug tracking system, available at


This release is a huge accomplishment for our team, 8 years in the making. This has been a long journey, starting with the Fast Forward program, continuing on in the ESSIO and Pathforward/DIO programs, and culminating in the A21 program. Yet, this is still also only a beginning – the first among many releases, the beginning of the journey with our partners and open source community, and the beginning of the path to the first exascale system in the United States. I look forward to the many more such accomplishments to come.



Kelsey Prantis

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Extreme Storage Architecture and Development Division