[DUG'22] Announcement and Agenda

Kudryavtsev, Andrey O <andrey.o.kudryavtsev@...>

Dear DAOS community,

Following the email I sent earlier, DAOS team is proud to announce DUG'22 details and the agenda.


Date: November 14th, 9:00am-1:00pm CT

Event Location: Venetian Room, Fairmont Hotel (1717 N Akard St, Dallas, TX 75201) 


Based on the feedback you provided, we are going to make it hybrid.

We will be glad to see many of you in person and welcome others to join remotely who can’t make SC this year.

The details for remote connection will be shared later.




Time (CT)





Welcome & DAOS Update 

Kelsey Prantis, DAOS team manager, Intel AXG


Reserved for the special guest


HPE DAOS program update

Lance Evans, HPC CTO Chief Storage Architect, HPE


Implementing SPDK DAOS bdev module

Denis Nuja, Technical Pre-sales Engineer, Croit




DAOS 2.4 and beyond

Johann Lombardi, DAOS Chief Architect, Intel AXG


DAOS on Google Cloud Platform update
Dean Hildebrand, Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google


Latest Seagate DAOS development on S3 interface
John Bent, Senior Director, Seagate Technology


OPX transport update and DAOS support
Paul Stasurak, Program Manager, Cornelis Networks


Closing remarks

Kelsey Prantis, DAOS team manager, Intel AXG


End of conference

* agenda may have some changes later.


Please, also take a moment to stop by other DAOS session during workshop, tutorials and official SC program.

We have the large presence this year in many of those, including with our partners.


SC22 Tutorial, Workshop and Program:


·         SC'22 Tutorial (Nov 14 at 8:30am CST)

Emerging Storage Interfaces: DAOS and PMDK
Adrian Jackson (EPCC)
Mohamad Chaarawi (Intel)
Johann Lombardi (Intel) 

·         SuperCheck-SC'22 (Nov 14 at 8:35am CST)

DAOS: Nextgen Storage Stack for HPC and AI
Johann Lombardi (Intel)

·         PDSW (Nov 14 at 3:30pm CST)

Performance Comparison of DAOS and Lustre for Object Data Storage Approaches


Nicolau Manubens Gil (ECMWF)

Simon Smart (ECMWF)

Tiago Quintino (ECMWF)

Adrian Jackson (EPCC)

·         SC'22 BoF (Nov 16 at 5:15pm CST)

DAOS Storage Community BoF
Kevin Harms (ANL)
Johann Lombardi (Intel)
Dean Hildebrand (Google)
Panagiotis Adamidis (DKRZ)

·         SC'22 BoF (Nov 17 at 12:15pm CST)

The Storage Tower of Babel? ... Not! Actually, maybe?
Philippe Deniel (CEA)
John Bent (Seagate)
Tiago Quintino (ECMWF)
Johann Lombardi (Intel)


SC22 Exhibition:


·         Intel booth presentations at SC22 Showcase

Panel: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Intel DAOS Further HPC Data Pipeline Optimization (Nov 15 at 3:30pm CST)
Margaret Lawson (Google)

Dean Hildebrand (Google)

Kelsey Prantis (Intel)

Tech Talk: Aurora DAOS Storage Innovation at Argonne National Laboratory (Nov 16 at 3:30pm CST)

Kevin Harms (ANL)

Tech Talk: Cambridge University is Tackling Tomorrow’s Problems Today (Nov 16 at 11:00am CST)

Paul Calleja (UoC)

·         Google booth at SC22 Showcase (all time)

DAOS Storage live demo in GCP environment 

Margaret Lawson (Google)

·         Croit booth at SC22 Showcase (all time)

DAOS live demo running Block and NFS interface with Croit.io

Denis Nuja (Croit)


All the best, DAOS team.




Andrey Kudryavtsev, 

DAOS Product Manager

Intel Corp. 



From: Andrey O Kudryavtsev <andrey.o.kudryavtsev@...>
Date: Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 4:47 PM
To: "daos@daos.groups.io" <daos@daos.groups.io>
Subject: [DUG'22] Save the date & call for presentations!


Greetings DAOS Community!


SC22 is around the corner and it means we have a special event coming again. The Intel DAOS team invites you to join us for the 6th annual DAOS User Group (DUG22). This will be the first in-person user group since the pandemic.


The agenda is not yet finalized and we’re inviting the community members to submit their presentation proposals. Please, send brief submissions to daos-info@daos.groups.io and keep me copied.

If you have any feedback to share, what you want to see the most, type of presentations, areas to cover and others to listen, - don’t hesitate to contact me directly. This is the event we make for you!


The event will take place on November 14th from 9am until 1pm. We did our best to avoid overlaps with other activities and that’s why Monday was selected. We hope it fits your plans and the agenda and doesn’t overlap with other workshops and tutorials that day.


Event Location: Venetian Room, Fairmont Hotel (1717 N Akard St, Dallas, TX 75201), which is within one mile from the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.


Additional details will be shared once the agenda is finalized. We hope to see you all in person.


Best Regards,

Andrey, Kelsey, Johann and the rest of the DAOS team. 



Andrey Kudryavtsev, 

DAOS Product Manager

Intel Corp.