Announcement: DAOS 2.0.3 is generally available

Poddubnyy, Ivan

DAOS team would like to announce the release of DAOS Version 2.0.3.


This is a maintenance release containing bug fixes and improvements.


The DAOS 2.0.3 release contains the following updates on top of DAOS 2.0.2:


  • the DAOS 2.0 RPMs for RHEL 8 and clones are now built on EL 8.4 (previously built on EL 8.3). This means that DAOS 2.0.3 should not be applied to DAOS nodes running EL 8.3 (which has reached the end of support in 2021). Update the OS to a supported level before updating to DAOS 2.0.3.


  • libfabric has been updated to version 1.15.1-1. This fixes DAOS-9883.


  • mercury has been updated to version 2.1.0~rc4-9, the raft has been updated to version 0.9.1-1401.gc18bcb8, and SPDK has been updated to version 21.07-16. This does not fix any specific DAOS 2.0 issues. Those are minor updates to keep those package levels in sync with DAOS 2.2 development.


The complete list of changes can be found here:


There are several resources available for the release:


RPM Repositories:

Admin Guide:

User Guide:

Architecture Overview:

Source Code:


As always, feel free to use this mailing list for any issues you may find with the release or our JIRA bug tracking system, available at or on our Slack channel at


Thank you,


Ivan Poddubnyy

DAOS Customer Enablement and Support Manager

Super Compute Storage Architecture and Development Division