DAOS Community Update / June'22


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Please find below the DAOS community newsletter for June 2022.


Past Events

  • Salishan Conference On High Speed Computing (April 26th)

Accelerating Data-driven Workflows with DAOS

Johann Lombardi (Intel)

  • ECP BoF (May 11th at 11am Eastern time)

DAOS Next Generation Storage

https://www.exascaleproject.org/event/ecp-community-bof-days-2022/ (registration is open)

Kevin Harms (ANL)

Mohamad Chaarawi (Intel)

Johann Lombardi (Intel)

  • Intel Vision (May 11th)

Advanced Storage and Memory Hierarchy in AI and HPC with DAOS Storage


Andrey Kudryavtsev (Intel)

  • SODACODE 2022 Keynote (May 25th)

Advanced Storage and Memory Hierarchy in AI and HPC with DAOS Storage

Andrey Kudryavtsev (Intel)

  • SODACODE 2022 Breakout Session (May 26th)

Accelerating AI with DAOS Storage

Johann Lombardi (Intel)

  • ISC’22 BoF (May 30th at 4pm CEST)

Accelerating HPC and AI with DAOS Storage


Kevin Harms (ANL)

Adrian Jackson (EPCC)

Michael Hennecke (Intel)

Mohamad Chaarawi (Intel)

Johann Lombardi (Intel)

  • ISC’22 IXPUG (June 2nd at 9am CEST)

DAOS Features for Next Generation Platforms


Mohamad Chaarawi (Intel)

  • ISC’22 Intel Booth (May 30th to June 1st)

DAOS demonstration, Fireside chats, …


Upcoming Events

  • ESSA’22: 3rd Workshop on Extreme-Scale Storage and Analysis (June 3rd)

DAOS: Nextgen Storage Stack for HPC and AI


Johann Lombardi (Intel)

  • EMOSS’22: Emerging Open Storage Systems and Solutions for Data Intensive Computing (July 1st)

One big happy family: sharing the S3 layer between Ceph, CORTX, and DAOS

Zuhair AlSader (Seagate)
Andriy Tkachuk (Seagate)



  • Current stable release is 2.0.2. See https://docs.daos.io/v2.0/ and https://packages.daos.io/v2.0/ for more information.
  • Branches:
    • release/2.0 is the release branch for the stable 2.0 release. Latest bug fix release is 2.0.2 and 2.0.3 rc1 has been tagged.
    • release/2.2 is the development branch for the future 2.2 release. Latest test build is 2.1.102.
    • Master is the development branch for the future 2.4 release. Latest test build is 2.3.100.
  • Major recent changes on release/2.0 (bugfix release):
    • Upgrade to libfabric v1.15.1
    • Fill a sem leak on failure path of pool creation
    • Several patches to improve error reporting when downgrading from 2.2 to 2.0 after dmg pool upgrade was completed.
    • Fix a limitation in the agent code and NIC selection on servers with a lot of NUMA nodes
    • Fix reference leak on container destroy path
  • Major recent changes on release/2.2 (future 2.2 release):
    • All patches listed in the 2.0 section above.
    • Evict pool handles on agent shutdown
    • Several test fixes to run the CI over UCX
    • Add support for virtual network interface
    • Disable FUSE metadata caching when using IL
    • Split large I/Os into chunk size IOs (8MB by default) to avoid exceeding the SPDK bdev single IO size limit.
    • Fix build on aarch64
    • Reduce duration of NVMe storage format in the control plane
    • Fix huge pages NUMA locality
    • Fix available storage with heterogeneous NVMe
    • Disable unified mode in UCX
  • Major recent changes on master (future 2.4 release):
    • All patches listed in the 2.2 section above.
    • Add dmg pool query-targets
    • Add chgrp support to dfuse
    • Check thread ID in IL destructor
    • Use pip to install deps on ubuntu
    • Remove some compatibility code with DAOS 1.2
    • Allow fanout control RPC to report progress
    • Add rebuild generation for each rebuild retry
    • Add new DFS APIs to retrieve pool and container handles
  • What is coming:
    • 2.0.3 validation and decision on whether we need another release candidate
    • 2.2.0 code freeze
    • 2.4.0 feature freeze



  • Major features under development:
    • Checksum scrubber
      • Improvement to test coverage in progress.
      • Should be merged to master soon.
      • Branch: feature/csum-scrubbing
      • Target release: 2.4
    • Multi-user dfuse
    • More aggressive caching in dfuse for AI APPs
    • I/O steaming function interception
    • Catastrophic recovery
      • Aka distributed fsck or checker
      • First passes implemented.
      • Testing and debugging in progress.
      • Branch: feature/cat_recovery
      • Target release: 2.6
    • Multi-homed network support
      • Aka multi-provider support
      • This feature aims at supporting multiple network provider in the engine
      • Changes to the engine to support multiple provider implemented.
      • Branch: feature/multiprovider
      • Target release: 2.6
    • Client-side metrics
    • Performance domain
      • Extend placement algorithm to be aware of fabric topology
      • Branch: feature/perf_dom
      • Target release: 2.8 
    • LDMS plugin to export DAOS metrics
  • Pathfinding:
    • DAOS Pipeline API for active storage
      • Branch: feature/pipeline_api
      • Prototyping of server-side find using the pipeline API completed. Initial results shared at IXPUG conference.
      • Changes to MariaDB DAOS engine with predicate pushdown to the DAOS storage
    • Leveraging the Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA) to accelerate DAOS
      • Prototype leveraging DSA for VOS aggregation delivered
      • Initial results shared at IXPUG conference.
    • DAOS/DFS integration with NFS Ganesha
      • Under exploration
      • Discussions about NFS handle and readdir+ support
    • OPX provider support in collaboration with Cornelis Networks
      • DAOS and Mercury patches to add OPX support under review.
    • GPU data path optimizations
  • I/O Middleware / Framework Support



  • Jerome Soumagne joins the Intel DAOS team to work on the network stack.

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