failed to create pool: -1023 #chat

Liu, Xuezhao

-1023 is DER_PMIX, that commonly due to your ompi/pmix building/usage is incorrect.
You may check "which orterun" to see if the orterun path is the one built by DAOS package.
and for server loading cmd line, at least you need "--report-uri /root/daos/uuu" to allow the dmg client can hook with it (by --ompi-server option).

Shengyu SY19 Zhang

Can someone help me to run the project, I would like to learn and join to the development work.
Currently I'm facing an issue mentioned in the tittle, code using the newest commit of master branch.

orterun--allow-run-as-root -np 1 --host --enable-recovery --report-uri uuu -v daos_server
export OFI_INTERFACE=ib1
export CRT_PHY_ADDR_STR="ofi+sockets"
orterun --allow-run-as-root -v -np 1 --host --ompi-server file:/root/daos/uuu dmg create --size=1G --nvme=1G

error:failed to create pool: -1023