changes in specifying environment variables for daos_server

Nabarro, Tom

Since the following commit on master;


commit 6869dec1e527e4f9204871d9d4d907aee23f71e5

Author: Tom Nabarro <tom.nabarro@...>

Date:   Fri May 10 22:27:55 2019 +0100


    DAOS-2409 control: stop passing I/O server env vars from shell (#452)


    Configuration parameters should be provided in the server config file

    which can be passed to daos_server with the "-o" option.


    Environment variable values set in the users shell will now not be

    passed into the daos_io_server's environment when forking.


    Signed-off-by: Tom Nabarro <tom.nabarro@...>


the following has changed:

-          a populated server configuration file is required when running daos_server and is either

o   supplied using "-o" daos_server commandline option or

o   found in default location <daos_install_dir>/etc/daos_server.yml

-          some environment variables can only be supplied to daos_io_server instances through the server config file


-          other environment variables can be specified in config file as "key=value" strings in the per-server "env_vars" list

o   these environment variables will be applied to the daos_io_server environment overriding any specified in the environment used to launch daos_io_server (e.g. using "-x" orterun option)

-          whilst it is very highly recommended to use the server config file as a means to supply parameters, environment variables not applied through the config file but specified in the calling environment will still be present in the environment used to launch daos_io_server


further information:

-          daos/utils/config/daos_server.yml - commented configuration file detailing each parameter

-          daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server*.yml - example configuration files for common usage


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