Re: Pool creation fails with "instance is not an access point"



thanks for the tip! It seems that a "regular dmg storage format" doesn't do the trick, but appending "--reformat" resolves the issue. It runs fine now.

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I assume that you have run dmg storage format after starting the server and before creating the pool, right? If you don’t want to emulate any SSD, you should also comment out the bdev_* options in the yaml file.



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My setup and issues are very similar to what has been described in <>. I have tried every suggested fix from the corresponding thread and so far, none have worked.

I'd like to setup a very simple daos server for testing purposes on a server with 120 GB of regular RAM, no NVMe SSDs attached, and only one single server instance. However, I'm not using docker.

Hence, I installed daos as described in the admin guide and used the config file from daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml which would use a ram disk to emulate scm.

After I have started the daos server with, "daos_server --debug --config=$basepath/daos_server_local.yml start", I'd like to create a pool in a second terminal with "dmg -i -l localhost:10001 pool create -s 1G". This fails with:

localhost:10001: connected
Pool-create command FAILED: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = instance is not an access point
ERROR: dmg: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = instance is not an access point

Did I miss some step that I have to execute beforehand?

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