DAOS command no longer giving output on failure

Farrell, Patrick Arthur <patrick.farrell@...>

Good morning,

I'm running commit:
commit 53b0c5ff3d45c8addfee11cbfd6dd49e6f88dc3e

And the daos container create command is no longer giving any output on failure:
[daos@hl-d102 ~]$ daos container create --pool=d885cc1f-9363-4342-a859-ec32b3230c08 --svc=1 16G
[daos@hl-d102 ~]$ daos container create --pool=d885cc1f-9363-4342-a859-ec32b3230c08 --svc=1
[daos@hl-d102 ~]$ daos container create --pool=d885cc1f-9363-4342-a859-ec32b3230c08
[daos@hl-d102 ~]$ daos container create --pool=d885cc1f-9363-4342-a859-ec32b3230c0

All of those failed.  I am not completely sure why they failed, and I'm capable of using debug to determine why (it's probably some sort of config issue), and obviously the first command is wrong.

The key point is:
None of them gave *any* output.  This makes troubleshooting a little tricky.

I'm not sure at what commit this last worked, but it definitely did a few weeks ago.


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