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Pittman, Ashley M


That looks much better.  You should be aware that daos will be using a byte-array for the values, so in this case 42 will be a string, not a integer.  It’s likely that you’d want to use pickle/unpickle complex values before storing them.




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Thanks, I didn't know about pydaos.Cont and was a bit lost.

I completely missed that section on the deployment documentation, shame on me. I was definetely looking at the wrong places, thanks for pointing that out! I have both the server and the agent running, and thanks to your pointers I have been able to create a key-value from Python and use it.

My success full steps:

$ dmg pool create -i --scm-size=40G --nvme-size=0G
localhost:10001: connected
Pool-create command SUCCEEDED: UUID: 7d8d7aeb-3157-41dd-84cc-286d08a9b8d5, Service replicas: 0
$ daos cont create --pool=7d8d7aeb-3157-41dd-84cc-286d08a9b8d5 --svc=0
Successfully created container 967ce7a8-87c2-4982-a771-d1cc88e490da
$ daos pool list-cont --svc=0 --pool=7d8d7aeb-3157-41dd-84cc-286d08a9b8d5
 05/06-10:33:55.66 Apass 967ce7a8-87c2-4982-a771-d1cc88e490da
$ python
>>> import pydaos
>>> pydaos.Cont('7d8d7aeb-3157-41dd-84cc-286d08a9b8d5', '967ce7a8-87c2-4982-a771-d1cc88e490da')
<pydaos.pydaos_core.Cont object at 0x7f2eeff8f0b8>
>>> kv = cont.rootkv()
>>> kv['answer'] = '42'


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