Re: Attempts at using PyDAOS

Alex Barcelo

Ok, regarding KVObj, my naive attempt was:

import pydaos

And that obviously fails due to missing positional arguments. I didn't realize on the factory-like mechanisms through the daos_named_kv class. But I don't follow your steps, should I use daos_named_kv or I should not? I don't really see which parameter values should I use --I am trying to follow the single-server installation instructions as closely as possible, trying to remain in the default-land.

Even if I get the KV interface to work, wouldn't I have the same issues with the broken socket which I am already having while trying pydaos.raw? Or are there some key differences between both of them? Should I configure the /var/run/daos_agent path somewhere? Why can I do things like pool creation through CLI but the Python pydaos.raw break?

On the "what I am trying to achieve": I want to "validate" (for lack of a better word) that the installation of DAOS I have in our development machine is correct and is using properly its OptaneDC PMM --that is the only deviation from the single-server defaults I have consciously introduced in my installation so far. For now, I have been able to build DAOS in the machine and start all the DAOS services, but I haven't managed to use it from application space yet. And PyDAOS seemed a good way to proceed, is it?

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