Re: Updated dmg behavior for pool operations

Farrell, Patrick Arthur <patrick.farrell@...>


Thanks for the heads up.

Is there a JIRA or other place where the curious could get more details on the management service plans?


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Subject: [daos] Updated dmg behavior for pool operations

Hi all.


In preparation for the upcoming replicated Management Service feature, a change has been made (a1e6b7c) to remove support for specifying the hostlist when issuing pool commands. The rationale behind this is that the control API should be responsible for determining the currently-active Access Point, and this mechanism will be driven based on the hostlist set in daos.yml.


In a subsequent commit (which should land on master later today or tomorrow), daos.yml will be renamed to daos_control.yml in order to better indicate what it is for and how it relates to the other configuration files. Finally, this second commit will add logic for preferentially loading daos_control.yml from $HOME/.daos_control.yml if it exists in that location. This should make working with the config file somewhat more convenient.




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