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Pittman, Ashley M




Yes, we spotted that ourselves just after it landed.  We’re trying to work out how to handle this, and if there are any other non-default python libs that we already depend on in our build that aren’t correctly handled today.  In the very short term we’re moving to Ubuntu 20.4 LTS which has native fuse3 packaged already, so this check should be very short lived anyway.  I personally was able to get around it on CentOS 7.7 by installing python-distro.


How would you think about simply catching this exception, and using the default fuse if the check cannot be run, that would mean that you’d need to install either distro or fuse3 if you wanted to build on Ubuntu 18.04.




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Date: Monday, 27 April 2020 at 17:18
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Subject: [daos] FUSE Build & 'distro' module


Good morning,

The latest commit breaks the build on Python2 (not sure about Python3) unless the 'distro' module has been installed.



commit e80d0321f1deee43de61fd50350a08f142faa713

Author: Brian J. Murrell <brian.murrell@...>

Date:   Mon Apr 27 09:21:25 2020 -0400


    DAOS-4569 build: Use distro provided fuse (#2455)


    However build fuse on Ubuntu < 20.


    Since EL7 and Leap/SLES 15 have fuse3 in them, require fuse3-devel be

    installed on those platforms.


    Signed-off-by: Brian J. Murrell <brian.murrell@...>



This is pretty easy to get past - just install distro from pypi - but I wanted to note it.  (The failure is just a Python crash in scons, not graceful.)




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