dmg usage changes

Nabarro, Tom

Since merging 52c42bf5d768ed648b43e427356052737bc3a856 to master there are a couple of (hopefully beneficial) changes to note when using dmg:


  • Hostlist compression is now enabled and hosts can be specified on the commandline using standard patterns e.g. "dmg -i -l nodeA[1-9,12-16],nodeB[1-5,7]:10020 storage scan" (the nodeA set will use the default port 10001 unless you specify another default in dmg configuration file).


  • Tabulated output is enabled for most commands, hopefully making digestion of results easier.


  • Minimal display by default, --verbose/-v option available. "dmg storage {scan,format}" commands will by default display a minimal output.


    • scan shows total device capacities and number of devices for SCM/NVMe per host and each row in the table will be the output for a group of hosts, in verbose mode all device details are displayed and results grouped by host.
    • format shows compressed hostlist of all successful formats and expanded output (grouped) for all hosts that reported formatting errors.


Feedback welcomed.


Best regards,

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