Re: Missing packages in Docker image for `dcpm` deployments

Nabarro, Tom

Hello Alex,


The Dockerfiles provided are for build, not runtime.

The package dependencies you are referring to are enforced in the RPM daos.spec IIRC.



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Subject: [daos] Missing packages in Docker image for `dcpm` deployments


I was trying to use the Docker build instructions to use that in a machine that has OptaneDC persistent memory modules, and I found that, at least the following packages seem to be missing:

  • ndctl
  • ipmctl

If those packages are not installed, the orterun command ends up hanging or failing altogether.

I believe that the proper way to handle that would be to add the installation of them into the daos/utils/docker/Dockerfile* files. Could this be patched into the repository? May I do a PR? Or I am looking into my problem from the wrong perspective maybe?

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