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Shengyu SY19 Zhang



Thank you for your help, since the ompi/pmix is depends projects of daos, I didn’t touch them, just follow quick-start in github, to build and run it.

I enter the path _build.external/ompi and pmix,  and then make && make install, all finished successfully.

For report-uri, since I’m running daos server in the /root/daos, I can see the uri file was created and can see the content, therefor just specify full path for the client, seems connection between client and server is OK (if I specify wrong, or nic not started, there is another error).

And also if I run: daosctl create-pool testpool, will get the same issue.

So I’m wondering where the problem is.

There are some information in the logs:

PMIx_Lookup group daos_server failed, rc: -46, value.type 0.
crt_pmix_attach group daos_server failed, rc: -1023.



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-1023 is DER_PMIX, that commonly due to your ompi/pmix building/usage is incorrect.
You may check "which orterun" to see if the orterun path is the one built by DAOS package.
and for server loading cmd line, at least you need "--report-uri /root/daos/uuu" to allow the dmg client can hook with it (by --ompi-server option).

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