Re: DAOS server start failed(NVMe Scan Failed: privileged binary execution failed)

Murrell, Brian

On Wed, 2022-11-02 at 20:25 -0700, lnsyyj@... wrote:
ERROR: /usr/bin/daos_admin SIGILL: illegal instruction
PC=0x7fbc78755c0e m=0 sigcode=2
signal arrived during cgo execution
instruction bytes: 0xc4 0xe2 0x69 0xf7 0xc0 0x41 0x89 0x85 0xe0 0x19
0x0 0x0 0xe8 0xb1 0x98 0xfe
Are you using the RPMs that the DAOS project team builds and
distributes or did you build your own from source?

If the latter, you might have built with compiler optimizations set to
aggressively target the CPU of the build system and then tried to use
the binaries produced there on a different system with a lesser-capable
CPU. You will have to reduce the optimization level of your build if
you wish to make more portable binaries.


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