Re: How to install DAOS on ARM64 platform

Faccini, Bruno

Can you check if /root/huzj/daos/install/lib64/daos_srv/ exists ?

And if not, is there any log for this build available ?

Also, what are the environment variables for the session you are using to start the server/engine ?

And last, can you attach your server/engine config file ?

Thanks in advance for your help,



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Since I build by source on ARM64 platform. I use daos_server start to start the daos server. But get the error bleow and I mkdir the /var/run/daos_server directory and the daos_server start successfully.
$ daos_server start 
ERROR: dRPC server setup: missing socket directory /var/run/daos_server: stat /var/run/daos_server: no such file or directory

But the daos_engine.0 (/tmp/daos_engine.0.log) get error after format the storage.

09/30-16:15:24.84 slave1 DAOS[1213401/-1/0] server ERR  src/engine/module.c:90 dss_module_load() cannot load /root/huzj/daos/install/bin/../lib64/daos_srv/ undefined symbol: ds_obj_enum_pack

09/30-16:15:24.84 slave1 DAOS[1213401/-1/0] server ERR  src/engine/init.c:231 modules_load() Failed to load module rdb: -1003

Thanks a lot.

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