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The DAOS architecture won’t fundamentally change and the plan is to become more flexible in the configurations we support.  We will continue to store metadata and data on different devices and use direct load/store for the metadata. The DAOS metadata will be stored on either persistent (e.g. apache/barlow/crow pass, battery-backed DRAM or future SSD products supporting CXL.mem) or volatile (e.g. DRAM or CXL.mem) devices. The persistent option is what DAOS supports today. As for the volatile one, there will be an extra step on write operations to keep a copy of the metadata in sync on SSDs. This work was already underway with community partners and is going to be accelerated. We will share more on this soon.


Once done, this change should allow DAOS to run on a wider range of hardware while maintaining our performance leadership.





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DAOS continues to be a strategic part of the Intel software portfolio and we remain committed to supporting our customers and the DAOS community. In parallel, we are accelerating efforts that have already been under way for DAOS to utilize other storage technologies to store metadata on SSDs through NVMe and CXL interfaces.


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Intel recently announced that it will no longer provide 3D Xpoint DIMMs, so how will this affect DAOS?

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