The file removal performance is very low by mdtest


I install the DAOS and use the mdtest to do some test with -a DFS (one server and one client with 20 cores, the server use 256G DCPM without nvme ssd). But I find the file removal performance is very low and the result shown as follow and I want to know if it is right? Or how to do the performance turning?

The config file of server is :

access_points: ['server-1']

port: 10001


    allow_insecure: false

    client_cert_dir: /etc/daos/certs/clients

    ca_cert: /etc/daos/certs/daosCA.crt

    cert: /etc/daos/certs/server.crt

    key: /etc/daos/certs/server.key

provider: ofi+verbs;ofi_rxm

control_log_mask: INFO

control_log_file: /tmp/daos_server.log

helper_log_file: /tmp/daos_admin.log

telemetry_port: 9191




    targets: 20

    nr_xs_helpers: 20

    fabric_iface: ib0

    fabric_iface_port: 31316

    log_mask: ERR

    log_file: /tmp/daos_engine_0.log

    scm_mount: /mnt/daos0

    scm_class: dcpm

    scm_list: [/dev/pmem0]

Thanks a lot

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