DAOS Community Update / Apr'22


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Please find below the DAOS community newsletter for April 2022.


Past Events


Upcoming Events

  • Salishan Conference On High Speed Computing (April 26th)
    Accelerating Data-driven Workflows with DAOS

    Johann Lombardi (Intel)
  • ECP BoF (May 11th)
    DAOS Next Generation Storage
    Kevin Harms (ANL)
    Mohamad Chaarawi (Intel)
    Johann Lombardi (Intel)
  • ISC BoF (May 30th or June 1st)
    Accelerating HPC and AI with DAOS Storage
    Kevin Harms (ANL)
    Michael Hennecke (Intel)
    Johann Lombardi (Intel)



  • Current stable release is 2.0.2. See https://docs.daos.io/v2.0/ and https://packages.daos.io/v2.0/ for more information.
  • Branches:
    • release/2.0 is the release branch for the stable 2.0 release. Latest bug fix release is 2.0.2.
    • release/2.2 has been created earlier this week for the future 2.2 release. Latest test build is 2.1.101.
    • Master is the development branch for the future 2.4 release. Latest test build is 2.3.100.
  • Major recent changes on release/2.0:
    • Several documentation fixes
    • Several test fixes
    • Avoid holding CPU for too long in DTX
    • Fix intermittent failure that can occur when a node loses MS leadership and regains it
  • Major recent changes on release/2.2 and master (same for now):
    • Add UCX support to the CART and the control plane
    • Add UCX support to the RPM
    • Update dmg query command to show the list of excluded engines in a pool.
    • Add support to core_dump_filter to the server yaml file
    • Several aggregation/reclaim improvements
    • Add pool versioning and upgrade capability for interoperability with 2.0.
    • Add interoperability check to the control plane
    • Rewrite netdetect in the control plane
    • Report accurate mtime via libdfs/dfuse by using DAOS internal versioning scheme
    • Several coverity fixes
    • Remove CentOS 8 support and move build/testing to Rocky Linux 8.5
    • Add tensorflow-IO documentation
    • Use strict CPU binding for the engine
    • Improve response time of dmg pool list
  • What is coming:
    • 2.2.0 testing and code freeze
    • 2.4 features to land to master



  • Major features under development:
  • Pathfinding:
    • DAOS Pipeline API for active storage
      • Work in progress to support pipeline API in the engine
      • Use cases under development:
    • Leveraging the Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA) to accelerate DAOS
      • Prototype leveraging DSA for VOS aggregation delivered
    • S3 support via a DAOS backend to Rados Gateway (RGW)
    • Block interface over DAOS using SPDK DAOS bdev
    • GPU data path optimizations



See https://events.linuxfoundation.org/sodacode/ for more information.


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