dfs_lookup behavior for non-existent files?

Tuffli, Chuck

I'm porting an existing application to use DFS (DAOS v2.0.2) instead of POSIX and need help understanding the error messages printed to the console.

The code is using dfs_lookup() to retrieve the struct stat of a file. Note the implementation cannot use dfs_stat() as it requires valid values for fields such as st_ino that dfs_stat() does not provide. The code in question is:

d_lstat(const char * restrict path, struct stat * restrict sb)
    int rc;
    dfs_obj_t *obj = NULL;

    rc = dfs_lookup(dfs, path, O_RDONLY, &obj, NULL, sb);

If the file path exists (e.g. "/"), this works. But if the path, doesn't exist (e.g. "//.Trash"), the call to dfs_lookup() does not return. Instead, the console endlessly prints messages like:

04/04-16:28:50.90 xxxxx DAOS[1178648/1178648/0] external ERR  # [6937851.329315] mercury->msg: [error] /builddir/build/BUILD/mercury-2.1.0rc4/src/na/na_ofi.c:2972
 # na_ofi_msg_send(): fi_tsend() failed, rc: -13 (Permission denied)
04/04-16:28:50.90 xxxxx DAOS[1178648/1178648/0] external ERR  # [6937851.329374] mercury->hg: [error] /builddir/build/BUILD/mercury-2.1.0rc4/src/mercury_core.c:2727
 # hg_core_forward_na(): Could not post send for input buffer (NA_ACCESS)
04/04-16:28:50.90 xxxxx DAOS[1178648/1178648/0] hg   ERR  src/cart/crt_hg.c:1104 crt_hg_req_send_cb(0x1d0cd40) [opc=0x4070001 (DAOS) rpcid=0x63f8133700000008 rank:tag=1:2] RPC failed; rc: DER_HG(-1020): 'Transport layer mercury error'
04/04-16:28:50.90 xxxxx DAOS[1178648/1178648/0] object ERR  src/object/cli_shard.c:889 dc_rw_cb() RPC 1 failed, DER_HG(-1020): 'Transport layer mercury error'

Am I mis-using dfs_lookup() or using it incorrectly?


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