Re: 'access_points' must contain resolvable addresses complaint

Nabarro, Tom



I would check if there are any clues from comparing with an example config file (under utils/config/examples dir) and then verify that it works with the IP addresses (maybe just try one to start with and use double quotes like in the examples) just to narrow down the problem.





From: <> On Behalf Of Hannappel, Juergen
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2022 9:18 AM
Subject: [daos] 'access_points' must contain resolvable addresses complaint


I try to set up daos on a small 4-node cluster, following the recipe on
When I try to start the server it complains:
Feb 16 09:16:11 daos_server[251023]: ERROR: retrieve replicas from config: serverconfig: code = 705 description = "invalid list of access points in configuration"
Feb 16 09:16:11 daos_server[251023]: ERROR: serverconfig: code = 705 resolution = "'access_points' must contain resolvable addresses; fix the configuration and restart the cont>

Config is:
[root@asapo-srv09 tmp]# grep -v ^# /etc/daos/daos_server.yml
access_points: ['asapo-srv09', 'asapo-srv10', 'asapo-srv11', 'asapo-srv12']
provider: ofi+verbs;ofi_rxm
bdev_include: ["01:00.0","02:00.0"]

The node names are resolvable:
root@asapo-srv09 tmp]# host asapo-srv09 has address
[root@asapo-srv09 tmp]# host asapo-srv10 has address
... and so on.

The result was the same when I added the domain name to the host names in the config file or used the ip adresses.
Probably a stupid error on my side, any hints?

Thanks in advance

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