'access_points' must contain resolvable addresses complaint

Hannappel, Juergen

I try to set up daos on a small 4-node cluster, following the recipe on https://docs.daos.io/v2.0/QSG/setup_centos/
When I try to start the server it complains:
Feb 16 09:16:11 asapo-srv09.desy.de daos_server[251023]: ERROR: retrieve replicas from config: serverconfig: code = 705 description = "invalid list of access points in configuration"
Feb 16 09:16:11 asapo-srv09.desy.de daos_server[251023]: ERROR: serverconfig: code = 705 resolution = "'access_points' must contain resolvable addresses; fix the configuration and restart the cont>

Config is:
[root@asapo-srv09 tmp]# grep -v ^# /etc/daos/daos_server.yml
access_points: ['asapo-srv09', 'asapo-srv10', 'asapo-srv11', 'asapo-srv12']
provider: ofi+verbs;ofi_rxm
bdev_include: ["01:00.0","02:00.0"]

The node names are resolvable:
root@asapo-srv09 tmp]# host asapo-srv09
asapo-srv09.desy.de has address
[root@asapo-srv09 tmp]# host asapo-srv10
asapo-srv10.desy.de has address
... and so on.

The result was the same when I added the domain name to the host names in the config file or used the ip adresses.
Probably a stupid error on my side, any hints?

Thanks in advance

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