Re: Post DAOS 2.0 installation and comments and questions

Lombardi, Johann

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out.

  1. The online doc has been fixed and now specifies a different URL for CentOS7 and 8.
  2. /var/run/daos_agent should be automatically created after enabling/starting the daos_agent systemd service (i.e. “systemctl enable/start daos_agent”).
    We have some instructions in the documentation on how to start the agent manually (w/o systemd), see

That being said, this should not be required if you use RPMs/systemd.

  1. Could you please advise what option(s) you pass to the dfuse command line? Can you set “export D_LOG_MASK=debug” and then run dfuse with the -f option and see what it logs?






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Some post DAOS 2.0 installation and comments and questions:

1. We use a mix of CentOS 7 and 8 in our setup. However, the DAOS online documentation at "" states the following URLas the repository to use when installing DAOS:


Of course, this lead to some installation problems as the is a specific CentOS 7 URL. Fixing the repository URL solved this problem, but only after some confusion about what going on. This probably needs some documentation clarification.

2. The DAOS agent creates a socket in /var/run/daos_agent. This isn't a persistent directory and the service doesn't create it, and it needs to be created on every boot for the agent to work properly.
a. This isn't mentioned in the documentation.
b. A systemd unit addition like "ExecStartPre=mkdir -p /var/run/daos_agent" is probably a good idea

3. Not sure why, but mounting a POSIX container using dfuse doesn't return for me. The process doesn't return. During that time, the mount is working (or so it seems), as a `mount` command does list a dfuse mount in the relevant directory, but the dfuse command didn't return to the CLI prompt.

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