Increasing FIO performance

Hayer, Eeheet <eeheet.hayer@...>



I’m an intern on the HPC team, and I’m trying to increase the performance of FIO on my server (wolf-169), admin/client (wolf-57). I attached a screencap of what I’m currently getting and am told I should be getting much higher numbers.


My server has 2 SSDs, and some non-optane pmem.


The command I’m running:

$ /usr/bin/fio --name=random-write --ioengine=pvsync --rw=randwrite --bs=4k --size=128M --nrfiles=4 --directory=/tmp/daos_test1 --numjobs=8 --iodepth=16 --runtime=60 --time_based --direct=1 --buffered=0 --randrepeat=0 --norandommap --refill_buffers





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