Re: FIO Results & Running IO500


Hi Peter,


A few things to try/explore:

  • I don’t think that we have ever tested with 2x pmem DIMMs per socket. Maybe you could try with dram instead of pmem to see whether the performance increases.
  • 16x targets might be too much for 2x pmem DIMMs. You could try to reduce it to 8x targets and set “nr_xs_helpers” to 0.
  • It sounds like you run the benchmark (fio, IO500) and the DAOS engine on the same node. There might be interferences between both. You could try to change the affinity of the benchmark to run on CPU cores not used by the DAOS engine (e.g. with taskset(1) or mpirun args).





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Hello again,

I've tried some more to improve these results, different DAOS versions (including the YUM repo), different MPI versions, DAOS configurations, etc.

I'm still unable to diagnose this issue, IOPS performance remains low for both FIO and IO500.

Does anyone have any input on how I can try to debug or resolve this issue?

Thanks for your help.

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