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Lombardi, Johann

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We do run DAOS on a regular basis on Google cloud (GCP), but I am not aware of anyone who tried it on AWS yet. If that is something that you want to pursue, we would be happy to learn about your experience with DAOS on AWS on this mailing list and help you as much as we can.




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Good Day,

New to DAOS and this group but didn't see a "rules and regulations section" so I hope this is okay. I have been reading all the docs and while everything I am reading looks straight forward i'd like to do a POC to wrap my head around the content.
Looking for some feedback on a theoretical test of DAOS on AWS? I am aware that they have dedicated NVMe volumes that can be setup on EC2 instances.
Has anyone done something like this? 
If so, a follow up question would be were there any gotchas?

I am looking to run a test implementation of DAOS to vet out some possible HPC/BigData implementations but don't really have the investment for a physical hardware test.


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