Re: Error in installing via Docker and help needed for integrating with REST API


Yes I am running the container by the following command : $ sudo docker run -it -d --privileged --cap-add=ALL --name server -v /dev:/dev <Image ID>

The exact steps I am using for the entire installation are:- (steps 4-10 corresponds to the DAOS installation with docker)

  1. 1) Setup a VM on azure. (16 GiB DRAM) 

  2. 2 )Install docker on VM : 

  3. 3) Install Git to the VM  

  4. 4) Git clone the master branch from github : $ git clone 

  5. 5) Enter the root directory of DAOS Project: $ cd daos 

  6. 6) Build the Docker image from the root directory : $ sudo docker build -f utils/docker/Dockerfile.centos.7 

  7. 7) Check if the image was created : $ sudo docker images 

  8. 8) Run a container with the newly created image: $ sudo docker run -it -d --privileged --cap-add=ALL --name server -v /dev:/dev <Image ID> 

  9. 9) Copy the project source tree into the container : $ sudo docker cp ./daos server:/home/daos 

  10. 10) Start a server inside the container : $ sudo docker exec server daos_server start \ 

  11.         -o /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml 

    Note: Although step 9 is not mentioned in the documentation, without that I get an error: No such file or directory at /daos

On Mon, Feb 8, 2021, at 05:06 AM, Lombardi, Johann wrote:



The dmg format command actually connects to the server to initiate the format. In your case, the server failed to start, so the “refused connection” is expected. I assume that you are running the server container with --privileged --cap-add=ALL -v /dev:/dev as specified in the documentation, right?

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