Re: Error in installing via Docker and help needed for integrating with REST API


Hi Johann,

Thank you for all the help. The master definitely worked. And I was able to get a container running. Upon running: sudo docker exec server daos_server start -o /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml to start the server. I get the following errors: 

DAOS Server config loaded from /home/daos/daos/utils/config/examples/daos_server_local.yml

daos_server logging to file /tmp/daos_control.log

ERROR: server: code = 647 description = "requested 4096 hugepages; got 0"

ERROR: server: code = 647 resolution = "reboot the system or manually clear /dev/hugepages as appropriate"

I read on an older mail that these errors can be taken as warnings and can be ignored, the server would still run. is that right?
So I went ahead and tried to run: $ docker exec server dmg -i storage format.
But this command gives the following error: the server at localhost:10001 refused the connection


My understanding was if I use the daos_server_local.yml file, i do not need authentication as the config file sets the flag allow_insecure :true 

My target is to just have a basic daos server running and be able to use management API on it. so that I can integrate my client application to interact with the daos server using the management API

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