Re: Client application single value KV Put high latency using multiple threads (pthread)


Hi Johann,

I ran the servers (Test46, Test48) and client (Test60) on different nodes.  They are all running in the foreground including daos_server, and daos_agent.  On each node, I press ctrl-C to stop and restart them individually.  There are only one agent running on each node.

My understanding is that each node should have an agent running.  In my case, I have 3 agents running one each node.

Please give me examples, what should I set in each of the daos_agent.yml, daos_server.yml and daos_control.yml files on each node in terms of access_points and hostlist.  I'd like setup the servers (Test46 and Test48)  in a replication cluster.  The client is Test60.

I must have mis-configured my environment.  Please correct me.


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