Re: Error in installing via Docker and help needed for integrating with REST API

Pittman, Ashley M


Ok, I’ve reproduced this.  The issue is the dockerfile in 1.0.1 is doing a git clone rather than a COPY to get the code, so the dockerfile is fetching the wrong data.


I guess the fix would be to update the Dockfile on the branch to have it pull from the branch, however as  Johann said we’ve modified the dockefiles a lot since then, and will be doing so again shortly.


The way forward is probably to checkout the code, locally modify the dockerfile to run “COPY ./ .” rather than the git clone command if you have the option to do this.


On master specifying the URL of a dockerfile on the command line isn’t going to work anyway, if we do want to support this method of install then we’ll need to rethink a bit.




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Date: Thursday, 4 February 2021 at 14:10
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Subject: Re: [daos] Error in installing via Docker and help needed for integrating with REST API

Hi Ashley,
I ran the following 3 commands: 
git clone --recurse-submodules -b v1.0.1
cd daos

docker build \

        -f Dockerfile.centos.7 -t daos

This means I checked out the v1.0.1 branch and ran with the v1.0.1 docker file on it. I was running v1.0.1 because I thought i should use the last stable version as I am using this in a project. Do you suggest I try with the master clone and master Docker file?

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