Re: Error in installing via Docker and help needed for integrating with REST API

Pittman, Ashley M


It looks like you’re trying to use 1.0.1?  I’ve just checked that out locally and there’s no reference to patchelf at all in the source tree at that point, we use it now for checking that build versions are relocatable.


Is there any chance you’re using a 1.0.1 dockerfile to build from the master branch?  The line numbers would support this, in particular SConstruct didn’t have 463 lines in v1.0.1, but in master it does match the trace you posted below.




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Date: Thursday, 4 February 2021 at 06:05
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Subject: Re: [daos] Error in installing via Docker and help needed for integrating with REST API

Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for the response. I was in the wrong directory it seems. Although when I try now, the build stops with the following error :- 


at include/opa_user.h    /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_user_gen1.h  > /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_user.h

cat include/opa_service.h /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_service_gen1.h > /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_service.h

install -m 0644 -D /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_user.h    /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_user.h

install -m 0644 -D /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_service.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_service.h

install -m 0644 -D /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_common_gen1.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_common.h

install -m 0644 -D include/opa_byteorder.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_byteorder.h

install -m 0644 -D include/psm2_mock_testing.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/psm2_mock_testing.h

install -m 0644 -D include/opa_revision.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_revision.h

install -m 0644 -D psmi_wrappers.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/psmi_wrappers.h

install -m 0644 -D psm_hal_gen1/hfi1_deprecated_gen1.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/hfi1_deprecated.h

rm -fr /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv

Checking for C header file psm2.h... yes

Checking for C library psm2... yes

Checking whether patchelf program

MissingSystemLibs: ofi has unmet dependencies required for build:

  File "/home/daos/daos/SConstruct", line 463:


  File "/home/daos/daos/SConstruct", line 386:


  File "/home/daos/daos/SConstruct", line 175:


  File "/home/daos/daos/utils/sl/prereq_tools/", line 992:

    self.require(env, comp)

  File "/home/daos/daos/utils/sl/prereq_tools/", line 1061:


    raise error


I believe it says that it could not find patchelf installed on the centOS image.  It should have been installed on the image as well when it installed the dependencies, I am not able to figure out why it will say so. My local has patchelf installed but that is of no use for this image build. 

I am using version 1.0.1 as I felt it was the last stable version. so I used the following commands

git clone --recurse-submodules -b v1.0.1
cd daos

docker build \

        -f Dockerfile.centos.7 -t daos

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