Re: Error in installing via Docker and help needed for integrating with REST API


Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for the response. I was in the wrong directory it seems. Although when I try now, the build stops with the following error :- 


at include/opa_user.h    /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_user_gen1.h  > /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_user.h

cat include/opa_service.h /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_service_gen1.h > /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_service.h

install -m 0644 -D /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_user.h    /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_user.h

install -m 0644 -D /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_service.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_service.h

install -m 0644 -D /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv/opa_common_gen1.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_common.h

install -m 0644 -D include/opa_byteorder.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_byteorder.h

install -m 0644 -D include/psm2_mock_testing.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/psm2_mock_testing.h

install -m 0644 -D include/opa_revision.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/opa_revision.h

install -m 0644 -D psmi_wrappers.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/psmi_wrappers.h

install -m 0644 -D psm_hal_gen1/hfi1_deprecated_gen1.h /usr/prereq/release/psm2/include/hfi1diag/hfi1_deprecated.h

rm -fr /tmp/tmp.8clvxfJtXv

Checking for C header file psm2.h... yes

Checking for C library psm2... yes

Checking whether patchelf program

MissingSystemLibs: ofi has unmet dependencies required for build:

  File "/home/daos/daos/SConstruct", line 463:


  File "/home/daos/daos/SConstruct", line 386:


  File "/home/daos/daos/SConstruct", line 175:


  File "/home/daos/daos/utils/sl/prereq_tools/", line 992:

    self.require(env, comp)

  File "/home/daos/daos/utils/sl/prereq_tools/", line 1061:


    raise error


I believe it says that it could not find patchelf installed on the centOS image.  It should have been installed on the image as well when it installed the dependencies, I am not able to figure out why it will say so. My local has patchelf installed but that is of no use for this image build. 

I am using version 1.0.1 as I felt it was the last stable version. so I used the following commands

git clone --recurse-submodules -b v1.0.1
cd daos
docker build \
        -f Dockerfile.centos.7 -t daos

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