Re: Client application single value KV Put high latency using multiple threads (pthread)

Lombardi, Johann

Hey Ping,


I did look into your logs and notice messages like “Could not lookup ofi+sockets://” which mean that sockets URIs (instead of tcp) are still registered and storage nodes haven’t registered the new tcp-based URIs yet. Please make sure to stop the servers, umount /mnt/daos* (and wipefs -a /dev/pmem* if you use pmem) before restarting the servers.





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Hi Johann,

I did reformat and restart all agents on client node and the two servers.  Both servers using ofi+tcp;ofi_rxm provider start fine; however, the client application failed.  Please refer the errors in my previous email (marked with ****).   For now, I can only get ofi+sockets provider to work reliably.  Are there any addition parameter settings in any of the yaml file (daos_server.yml, daos_control.yml, daos_agent.yml etc.) that I need to change beside switching from ofi+sockets to ofi+tcp;ofi_rxm? Any other environment variables to set?  


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