Re: daos_test failing with Infiniband

Oganezov, Alexander A

Hi Peter,


I saw something similar a while ago when our mpi-based applications ended up compiling against ‘bad’ version of MPI, or more specifically MPI that links bad UCX (ucx provides libucs). There appears to be a bug in some UCX versions causing this segfault (e.g.


One thing to try is to see which MPIs you have installed and compile against different one from what you are using.


“module avail”  will provide you list of installed mpi packages

You can use then “module load <package>” and after that recompile daos via

scons -c ; scons -c install;  scons MPI_PKG=any -j 12 install


Let me know if this helps any.





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I see, then maybe libucs is somehow used under the hood. Are you using the MOFED stack?

Maybe you could try to reduce FI_UNIVERSE_SIZE to 512 (i.e. export FI_UNIVERSE_SIZE=512).





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I have specified ofi+verbs;ofi_rxm

What should I look into to get libfabric to load a supported library?

Thank you for your reply. 

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