Change to Non-default dRPC socket locations

Quigley, David

Hello Everyone,


With the merging of “DAOS-2268 dRPC: Change dRPC Environment Variable to only take directory” the method for specifying an alternate socket location for DAOS client dRPC connections has changed. Initially the DAOS_AGENT_DRPC_SOCK environment variable required the full path of the socket including the socket name. This provided an opportunity to make a mistake by omitting the agent.sock at the end of the socket name. Since the name of the socket is not changeable this put an undue burden on users. This patch changes the DAOS client library environment variable used to DAOS_AGENT_DRPC_DIR and only requires the directory be passed in. This means if –runtime_dir /tmp/daos_agent was passed to daos_agent the socket would be created under /tmp/daos_agent/agent.sock. To convey this to a DAOS client library program the user would now export DAOS_AGENT_DRPC_DIR /tmp/daos_agent . This is then internally turned into the socket path used by the agent. If you have any questions of problems please feel free to contact me.



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