Error on simple test on POSIX container

Yunjae Lee


I created a POSIX container and mounted at /mnt/dfuse on the client node,
and ran the following command:
# echo "foo" > /mnt/dfuse/bar
# cat /mnt/dfuse/bar

But it gives me the following error repeated infinitely.
object ERR src/object/cli_shard.c:631 dc_rw_cb() rpc 0x7ffa3801d6e0 opc 1 to rank 0 tag 7 failed: DER_HG(-1020): 'Transport layer mercury error'
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Network: Infiniband with MOFED 5.0-2
DAOS version: c20c47 (commit at 2020-11-28)

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