Re: DAOS with NVMe-over-Fabrics

Nabarro, Tom

Yes, this is how we configure the build, thanks for the use case explanation.


293                 commands=['./configure --prefix="$SPDK_PREFIX"' \

294                           ' --disable-tests --without-vhost --without-crypto' \

295                           ' --without-pmdk --without-vpp --without-rbd' \

296                           ' --with-rdma --with-shared' \

297                           ' --without-iscsi-initiator --without-isal' \

298                           ' --without-vtune', 'make $JOBS_OPT', 'make install',

299                           'cp dpdk/build/lib/* "$SPDK_PREFIX/lib"',

300                           'mkdir -p "$SPDK_PREFIX/share/spdk"',

301                           'cp -r include scripts "$SPDK_PREFIX/share/spdk"'],




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Does SPDK under DAOS configured with rdma support? 

./configure --with-rdma <other config parameters>


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