Re: Error attempting to mount via DFUSE

Pittman, Ashley M




This is the same issue as Gert hit last week, specifically that you’re providing the pool/container UUIDs twice to dfuse, one via the path and once on the command line.  The fix in this case would not be to provide –pool or –container options on the command line.


It would however made sense for dfuse to support this usage where the uuids match, so I’ve filed DAOS-5778 to allow this.





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Date: Monday, 5 October 2020 at 06:48
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Subject: [daos] Error attempting to mount via DFUSE



I am trying to use dfuse to create a POSIX-enabled mount.

My container is created thusly:
daos cont create --pool=[pool_id] --svc=0 --type=POSIX --path=/tmp/mycontainer

I then try to mount like this:
dfuse --mountpoint=/tmp/mycontainer --svc=0 --pool=[pool_id] --container=[container_id] --foreground

And this is the error I receive:
09/25-14:46:17.18 master-node DAOS[849/849] fi   INFO src/gurt/fault_inject.c:481 d_fault_inject_init() No config file, fault injection is OFF.
09/25-14:46:17.18 master-node DAOS[849/849] daos INFO src/common/drpc.c:717 drpc_close() Closing dRPC socket fd=3
09/25-14:46:17.18 master-node DAOS[849/849] crt  INFO src/cart/crt_init.c:269 crt_init_opt() libcart version 4.8.0 initializing
09/25-14:46:17.18 master-node DAOS[849/849] crt  WARN src/cart/crt_init.c:161 data_init() FI_UNIVERSE_SIZE was not set; setting to 2048
09/25-14:46:17.27 master-node DAOS[849/849] dfuse INFO src/client/dfuse/dfuse_main.c:436 main(0x55c5e3a8c980) duns_resolve_path() returned 0 Success
UNS configured on mount point but pool provided
09/25-14:46:17.27 master-node DAOS[849/849] dfuse ERR  src/client/dfuse/dfuse_main.c:519 main(0x55c5e3b31410) DFP left at the end
09/25-14:46:17.27 master-node DAOS[849/849] dfuse ERR  src/client/dfuse/dfuse_main.c:522 main(0x55c5e3b31510) DFS left at the end
09/25-14:46:17.27 master-node DAOS[849/849] dfuse INFO src/client/dfuse/dfuse_main.c:561 main() Exiting with status -1003

I would much appreciate any guidance in solving this.

Thank you,


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